Elizabeth Scott, Living Dead Girl

I think about my daughter now; you know what? She was spared. Sometimes I feel grateful. Doctors said she didn’t feel a thing, went… went straight into a coma. And then, somewhere in that blackness, she slipped off into another, deeper kind. Isn’t that a beautiful way to go out? Painlessly. As a happy child. 

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  April 20, 2014 at 01:36am
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You said it, girl.


Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender in MacBeth


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National Siblings Day

'Katniss. Katniss, I'm sorry.' Finnick's voice comes from the bed next to me and slips into my consciousness. Perhaps because we're in the same kind of pain. 'I wanted to go back for him and Johanna, but I couldn't move.'
I don’t answer. Finnick Odair’s good intentions mean less than nothing.
‘It’s better for him than Johanna. They’ll figure out he doesn’t know anything pretty fast. And they won’t kill him if they think they can use him against you,’ says Finnick.
‘Like bait?’ I say to the ceiling. ‘Like how they’ll use Annie for bait, Finnick?’
I can hear him weeping but I don’t care. They probably won’t even bother to question her, she’s so far gone. Gone right off the deep end years ago in her Games. There’s a good chance I’m headed in the same direction. Maybe I’m already going crazy and no one has the heart to tell me. I feel crazy enough.
‘I wish she was dead,” he says. “I wish they were all dead and we were, too. It would be best.’

Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins
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I asked you to save me… and you said no.

Jake Ballard
  April 03, 2014 at 11:52pm